Oh yes I'm working on new stuff...

New research on the SID ADSR

Plogue chipsounds running on VMachine Hardware

Composite vs RGB (SNES)

VIC-20 (CR)'s bad waveform clipping.

X marks the spot!

30 Minute JAMMA SuperGun Audio test


ZIF socketed C64 for SID chip swap

Best registration plate ever

I'll get you 1771!

uPD1771C noise puzzle

.plan (audio version)

The one page BASIC SID Benchmark.

BLIP 2009 Presentation now online!

Next Bidule version has something special....

SID waveform captures

SID 6581R3 ADSR tables, up close.

MESS 0.137 is out!

The SID's non-monotonic DAC

Ultimate 2532(or 2352) PROM MegaCart!!! ... kinda

That big mysterious gate array

Analyse.. don't Destroy (a Casio PV-1000)

Meet my new friend the logic analyser!