CMS (Dual Philips SAA 1099) Recordings

Here's a rarity, carefully sampled for you.

Before the soundblaster, there was the Creative Music System (CMS) (AKA GameBlaster), which contained two Philips SAA 1099 chips.
It pretty much bombed since the OPL2/Adlib was all the rage at that point.

Nevertheless, the thing has some charm. Here are two recordings made on a SB 2.0 CT1350A (with the SAA chips factory installed as legacy option)


More can be found here


  1. Hi David! How are you my friend?

    Do you have any recordings of a single SAA 1099? If so, what sort of filter did you implement on the outputs (if you used any)? Today I made an interface for a single, discrete SAA 1099, but I have not added a filer to the audio outputs yet.

    Anyway, hope that you're going well on the other side of the world!

    Warm regards,

    - seb

  2. Hi Seb,

    Matter of fact i did, but for the SAA analysis im just using the boards made by and hook it to my PIC setup (only requires a few lines changed).

    For this particular instance it was faster to just buy that board and spare ships (and a 8Mhz osc which i dont have access to locally). I havent had the chance to analyse the output completely, in fact i jsut dumped the noise pattern for the MESS team. (

    Wht im looking forward to is to evaluate the tricks you can do with the envelopes (just like the YM/AY)

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