We had Joy we had fun, We had EPROMs in the sun.

Yes, am all aware that there are proper tools to do this "professionally". But this is way cooler. One and a half day suffice to erase them to 0xFF's.

Way faster than it used to be in the 70's? (debatable), but I otherwise DO miss the ozone layer.

NOTE from this site
"UV-C radiation, which is lethal, is emitted at wavelengths of 200-280 nm. Fortunately, UV-C is completely absorbed by atmospheric ozone and oxygen. Even with severe ozone reduction, UV-C radiation would still be absorbed by the remaining ozone."

EPROMs require UV-C's (according to wikipedia) ... hum .. anyway, 1.5 day to wipe my 27128's is an actual observation.
I have got 20 or so 271282's (salvaged from an arcade board), so this erasing delay is a non issue for my Console/Cartridge development.