Sequential Circuits Model 64 Sequencer

(sorry for the old photo)

I dumped the contained EPROM (which works in Vice), including PCB pictures HERE. HOWEVER. Unless someones emulates the onboard ACIA and PIA chips in a Vice ad-don, this is really just an exercise in digital archeology.

EDIT (2013) This cartridge has been used by the MMA to showcase the enduring power of the MIDI Standard.

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  1. I have that interface. I don't really know what to do with it. I started collecting equipment to make a retro music studio a bunch of years ago, but i never finished it and there was just too much stuff to acquire. I have the Prophet64 cartridge and the SID2SID board (bare), and then they came out with the Mssiah cart and i felt like i didn't want the Prophet64 any more. I also found out that my C64 mouse acquisition was not the right mouse model. My Amiga mouse sort of worked, badly (the one button barely works)... it was just a waste of time.

    I have several C64 units in varying condition (most have issues but one is in great shape) with one floppy and one tape unit, two or three Apple IIgs machines (working, one has corrosion though), a stereo card for one of them (Drew II's card), the C64 FM synth expander (which never had any software support), an Atari ST Mega with a questionable Supra ACSI-SCSI hard drive, two Amiga 1200 units (both work, but i am forced to use a TV as a display), and two Roland MT-32 units.

    I should probably sell all this stuff, but I'm sick of jerk buyers on eBay. I wish i lived near people who'd be willing to just trade stuff locally.

    Anyway, I've been following your development for a while, originally on KVR, then here, and i like all this research. It's above my head in all places code and electrical, but it's fascinating. I wish i had the mind for hacking stuff, but my brain doesn't function that way.

    1. Hi, I buy your model 64 sequencer, I hace a Drumtraks and a Sixtrak and a Commodore 64 I want to complete the team A, so if you want to sell email me Thanks


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