TED: The 100$ noise pattern

101001011  (low frequency version: audio)

Working C16's and plus/4 are HARD to come by,
and people need to pay the price for a working
MOS8501 CPU and a MOS8360 TED chip.

I needed a real machine to analyze the TED noise pattern
(and pitch ranges) for a future version of chipsound,
so I won a working plus/4 on ebay, which cost me 100$
(with shipping) to Montreal, not that bad actually.

The TED will be included in an update for completism more
than anything, because the only thing that's unique about it
is its noise pattern. Otherwise its a very simple VDC
unit that generates 2 voices. Many plus4 users actually hook
up SIDs to the machine, or just use the chip as a DAC,
which is the case for demos such as this one

Confirmed VICE plus4 emu generates the same pattern,
so all is good.

(100$/255bits = 39cent/bit)

But is it cute??


Hum, nah, im not cleaning that GUNK to find out!