Ultimate 2532(or 2352) PROM MegaCart!!! ... kinda

While visiting my favorite local Electronics Surplus Store I came across this odd 24 pin fake IC to IC cable, which gave me a cool idea. One very common (and boring) tasks in my line of work is doing adapters to run ROMs (custom and whatnot) on the real hardware for analysis. This setup makes it pretty easy (and solderless) to try stuff around, especially difference in CPU<->BUS<->ROM handshaking signals like !CS !CE, !E whatever, and also configuration of adress lines.

Systems that typically use such 24pin ROMs include
ATARI 2600
MPT-03 - Arcadia 2001 clone(pictured)

This particular breadbreadboard setup allows me to quickly "audition" up to 16 different 4KB Arcadia ROMs using DIP switches.


  1. Richard Hutschinson (who makes VecFlash and similar hardware) has quite a few of these cables (at least, I bought one from him years ago for similar reasons as you :D).

  2. Hey nice.

    I think there might be a few of them left in the bin at tht surplus store.... hhmm Profit :)


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