MESS 0.137 is out!


I'm proud to announce my little personal contribution to the best emulator project in the world.

Since a bit after chipsounds 1.0 was released, I started contributing some of my recent research to the open source 'MESS' project on the sound front. My contributions are "without strings attached" as I feel that the research in MAME/MESS is crucial to the good preservation of the history of computing. Besides, the accumulated knowledge in there will surely outlive me :)


New System Drivers Supported:
- Casio PV-1000 [Wilbert Pol, plgDavid]

System Driver Changes:
- [SCV] Implemented upd177c audio. [plgDavid]"

The SCV audio still needs work, so that's not the last effort I will put into it. I've also tweaked the Arcadia 2001 audio code and made it much closer to the real thing. I also plan on revisiting a few other "drivers", when I get the chance, namely the VIC-20.

The MAME/MESS Teams members are very passionate and knowledgeable. I want to take the moment to greet Wilbert Pol, kevtris and Lord Nightmare especially, and to thank them for their time and near infinite knowledge.

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  1. As someone who works at a large contemporary museum that deals with New Media, I want to say thank you. You (and everyone else's) contribution to MAME/MESS will greatly help the future preservation of these works.

  2. Thanks!

    I still haven't released my paper on Sound Chip emulation, but a good part of the intro is about the urgency of gathering as much info as possible now before all this goes to junk or dies.


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