teh curves.


  1. What curves are these? POKE'd numbers vs. frequency in Hz?

  2. Sadly can't say, else I'd disclose what I'm working on. Why do I put it online then? Just to show that i'm working! (trying hard here)

  3. The graph on the left looks like output frequency vs. n for an 8-bit clock divider circuit of sorts. The graph on the right looks like output vs input data for a cheap 8-bit D/A. Am I close on either? :)

  4. Hi Skrams.

    Its the FM tables in the OPLX chips.
    Im just starting at the beginning and evaluating the mountain of detail yet to be figured out at this point.

  5. I know lots of info has been published about them, but again, i like to figure things out mostly by myself, and not look at anybody's code.

    However publications like

    Are always nice


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