X marks the spot!

People following my twitter might have been wondering what that Canadiana Road Trip stuff was a'boot yesterday. It was about salvaging a pile of 50 arcade boards from certain death.

My Pirate Map pointed to a secret location near Ottawa, Ontario, so went, dug up, and found the treasure!

(yes that's the trunk of MY CAR)

A quick evaluation can be made to about 65 soundchips on these. (some boards do have more than one). I don't know WHEN I'll get time to go through the good, the bad and the awesome. What works and whats useless, but there you go.
Each board is different (except two MS Pacman boards, but i will NOT complain here, lets just hope I can get one running, even it if means cannibalizing the other)

chipsounds 2.0 R&D really REALLY doesn't need more chips at this point....

well there's ... oh hell...


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