New Scope

Can't wait to put it to good use. Its a major step up from my crappy PC-based USB scope. Thanks to EEVBlog for the great review.


  1. I hope this will help you for developing Chipsounds 2.0!
    I'm eagerly waiting for it... ;-)

    Thanks for your work,

  2. Looks lovely!

    Hey, if you get a chance, check out my blog:

    Very much inspired by what you've done here.

    Funny thing is that I originally read your blog because I'm a Bidule user. Coincidence that I also love chip tunes (especially SIDs) and also arcade gaming. Another coincidence is that I was in regular contact with René in the early days of the sfz format development... I loved that whole concept! Shame it never took off.

    Hope you have fun with your new toy!

  3. Very cool blog, reading...
    Wow , so many things in common. Rene is still here and about, and the SFZ spec is far from dead. as in Im kind of the default maintainer now :)

  4. Ah, cool! Great that SFZ still has some believers! I really hoped it would take over the world. I wrote so many Perl and AutoHotkey scripts for manipulating SFZs back in the day. Was an amazingly exciting time when René was constantly updating the freeware player. His software is still superb years on.

    Does Plogue actually have an instrument that will load user created SFZs or do you guys just use it for creating your presets? I guess you have a forum for these kinds of questions! ;)

    Shame you're so far away. I'd happily give you some of my SCART TVs... :)

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  6. Rene gave me his blessing to many opcodes i added to the SFZ 2.x spec for ARIA ( which is my main project, chipsounds is actually based on it. We dont have a free player for SFZ files right now.


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