NES eprom carts

Clockwise from top:

1)Esper Dream 2 Aratanaru Tatakai, Famicom, VRC6, mapper 26, can use regular 27C020 EPROM
2)Lagrange Point, Famicom, VRC7, mapper 85, can use regular 27C040 EPROM
3)Castlevania, NES, UNROM, mapper 2, needs modification to use 27c010/27c020 eproms
4)Super Mario Bros, NES, NROM, mapper 0, no mods needed

Currently using 1 and 3 to run tests for my next updates.
I would also need to add my Dragon Ninja NAMCOT-163 (iNES Mapper 19) in there, but I didnt eprom-ise it yet.