These are not the chips you're looking for

TED: The 100$ noise pattern

Full AY emu prototype

How I recorded and decoded POKEY's polynomial counters;Open Pokey Recipe for the curious

Last minute addition: Odyssey 2 (P824x) VDC chip!

VIC-20 MIDI Interface and Synth Cartridge Prototype

New screenshots on official site

Kudos to my testers

chipsounds on TV

The kind of screenshot I fancy

No fancy research, just preset making

Testing the Wave Sequencer module

uPD1771C Tester App

ROM Trojaning the Super Cassette Vision

A new format to log them all.

Second Demo track, this time its from Chupathingy

First demo track

Sequential Circuits Model 64 Sequencer

SID filter emulation ... perhaps a _tad_ bit too extreme.

Another chip in the wall

Evolution of sucking

CMS (Dual Philips SAA 1099) Recordings

8 hours of (why would I buy a flash cart?) later

Total Stereo separation ATARI 2600 Jr Mod

We had Joy we had fun, We had EPROMs in the sun.

The weight in gold of obsolescence

SIDs through the ages

Pokeys under Limestone

That ____ VIC-I Noise Pattern

New Acquisition

Bug or Feature?

3 Brothers

Pokey Trials

Small update

More AY-3-8910 and YM2149F hacking

One by One ... SN76489AN